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  • i-STAT for blood gases

    Dear Colleagues: For those of you who use i-STATS for blood gases - how do they correlate with the Siemens/Radiometer/Nova Biomedical blood gas instruments? Any Pros / Cons of using them? Thanks ! Adil

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    Thanks Carmelo for providing the ref. regards, Tony

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    First: if it were the case of a patient with fasting glucose of 126 mg / dL on more than one occasion who also has 124, 123, 126, 125, 126, etc. is it diabetic or not? I think there are no doubts. Second: It would be necessary to observe the analytical ...

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    Thanks Jennifer for this thread!....we could also do a "theme" or "mix bag"....I guess once the AACC Conference Program is finalised and distributed we will get a better idea of who is talking about what and can invite them over to the symposium. Getting ...

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    The nomination period for 2018 section leadership closed with single nominations for positions of - Chair-elect: Barun K De,   Banner University Medical Center- Tucson Campus - Treasurer: Rebecca Peters, Children's Hospital Colorado  - Secretary: ...

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    I have a suggestion for those of you who run QC once a day: Instead of running the controls at the beginning of the day, after maintenance, calibration, and new vials opened, run them at the END of the day.  QC should be a process management  tool.

  • Twitter jamanet this day in history Sent from my iPhone ------Original Message------ Wow, consuming blood in increasing volumes until a tarry stool is obtained. I don't think I'd be able to participate in this sort of research. Interesting find, ...

  • Ram, We contact the provider to notify them and correct it in the medical notes/EPIC explaining that the result was not critical and sample draw was compromised - or words to that effect.