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    I'm not really new to the community - but a refresh with a new/old job.  I am the laboratory manager at a small community hospital (around 40 beds).  I was the lab manager for many years and then took a different path and worked as a technical specialist ...

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    To Sarah Wheeler and James Faix regarding a piece of cake, You are discussing two different situations and as always metaphors may be problematic. The idea is to bring a problem closer to what is assumed to be the listeners' daily life. Unfortunately, ...

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    Quick Guide to Body Fluid Testing - 2nd Edition (elsevier.com) ------------------------------ Darci R Block, PhD, DABCC Vice Chair of Informatics Co-Director Central Clinical Laboratory Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Mayo Clinic Rochester, ...

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    We discovered with the Roche bulk loader it could not accommodate the BD 8.5 mL rubber stoppered tubes so we didn't go forward with the purchase.  Next we discovered rubber stoppered tubes are problematic for us at every stage of automation (decappers).  ...

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